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Below you find 4 different methods to find your ring size. You should always measure your ring size at normal room temperature and not if your fingers are cold or very warm or swollen. If you want a very wide ring then it might require 1 bigger size as well as if you use more rings on the same figure.

  1. Find one of your normal band rings which has your precise size. Find your size by placing the ring on the circles below. The diameter on the inner side of your ring has to follow the diameter under one of the circles. For example, if your ring is 16.6 mm then your size is 52.
  2. Measure inner size of your ring by using a measuring tape. If the circumference is 54 then it corresponds to a size 54.
  3. Use a piece of string or tape and tie it loosely around the figure you want to measure. Then measure the length of the string or tape which corresponds to your size. For example, if string is 54 mm long then your ring size is 54.
  4. Get help from a jeweler shop to measure your ring size. If your size is between two sizes, you should choose the bigger size. Remember to measure