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1.  How do you pack the Jewellery?

We pack all the jewellery in a fine jewellery brand box from Needs Jewellery. 
The jewellery box will be send in a bubble envelope, which can most often go into most mailboxes and mail slots. A few large orders will be send in small shiny shopping paper bag.


2.  How fast do I get my Jewellery?

We will send all the orders within 1-2 business days.

You can send the order as a gift directly to the recipient by choosing the shipping address at the checkout page. 


3.  How should I care/store my Jewellery?

Click on this link and read our jewellery care guide.



4.  How is the security of payments in our shop?

The data you submit in connection with purchases paid with a credit card is encrypted (SSL) and it is only PBS that can read them. Neither Needs Jewellery nor others have the opportunity to read this data. The amount of goods is withdrawn only when we send the goods. There can never be withdrawn an amount higher than what you have ordered.

You can also pay via PayPal.